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She never lies to you!


Milly Philip,Owner,Wilstar ITSolutions.

Listen! She told you to harken her,
You didn’t listen to her on your strength
She told, your worth and value,
But you listened to calumnious noise,
You choose it over her laudatory voice.

Listen, she told you to forgive you,
Past should be thrown to deep and silent abysm
She told you to say bye to auld lang syne,
But you kept it in the chasm of wounded soul,
You choose it over her solace.

Listen, she told you be sincere to self,
Accept what is good for you,
Your right is your right
But you engrossed, disparate remarks
Now, you regret your downfalls.

Listen, she told you age is just a number
You still can notch up your dreams
She tells you to garner all your bits of wishes
She pacifies your soul whispering you’re laudable,
Charming, priceless, strong-willed, and zappy.
Never give up, listen to her she never lies

She is you, your inner voice! 



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