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Your Price and Your Value! (Fr. T J. Puliyan, MSFS)


There is a price tag attached to every commodity available in the market. Most often, the price is based on the cost of production, the quality and usefulness of the commodity. These days I have been thinking a lot about the price of a human being vs. the value of a human being. Who puts the price tag on human beings? Who ultimately decides the value of our lives in the current society? At first, I was confused, and then slowly, I began to have better clarity of terms, which influenced me to write this article.

As I understand it, value and price are two totally different things. Value is the measure of worth, especially in the context of a human person, which goes beyond a price tag and dollar amount because God found human beings worthy, and so he made them the Crown of His Creation. It is difficult for anyone to measure the worth of other human persons.

They can only experience, taste, and relish the value of human beings because God infused the value in them. Therefore, one cannot add a price tag to human beings as they are not material commodities. There is value and worth in each of us, even in the least pricey person in this world. Humans are valuable, and this world is also valuable because it is the living place of human beings.

However, price is the compensation paid against the cost of manufacturing a commodity in accordance with its future benefits and advantages. It is primarily measured in terms of currency. The price fluctuates depending on the time, place, and situation.

I would like to share a small story regarding this point. One day a boy came to his dad and asked him, “Dad, what is the price of my life?” The dad was surprised and confused for a moment that his son asked him this question. However, he gathered himself and took a beautiful stone he had with him and gave it to his son. He asked him to go to the neighboring market and sell it. But he instructed him that when people inquire about the price, never offer a dollar amount; instead, raise and show them your index and middle finger together. When the boy was in the market, a young lady approached him to inquire about the price, and he did exactly what his dad instructed. She thought he was quoting her $200.00, and she was ready to buy the stone. He did not sell it to her; instead, he went home to meet his dad.

The next day the dad asked him to go to a museum and do the same. When he was in the museum, an older man approached him and inquired about the price, and the boy showed him his two fingers, and the older man thought he was asking for $2,000.00. He was ready to buy the stone, but the boy did not sell it; instead, he went home. The following day his dad asked him to go to a jewelry and diamond store. As instructed by his dad, he went to the store, and the merchant examined the beautiful stone and asked him to quote a price. Again, he showed his two fingers. The merchant thought he was asking for $200,000.00 and offered to buy it, but once again, he did not sell it and went home.

The son went home and explained the story to his dad. The dad sat down with him this time, asking to explain what he learned from this interaction. Then, he explained to his son the message, saying life is also the same way. It is the people with whom you live who put a price tag on your life. Therefore, you need to be watchful of those with whom you live, interact, and share your life. If they don’t understand your price and worth, you need to move on to a different place where you are priced higher and valued more. It is also essential to maintain the quality so that even when the market has changed, the quality of the commodity is not changed. As the quality of the commodity is essential in the market, so also the quality of persons is also important in everyday life.

Our price may change based on the market we are in as it is an attribute of the society and will never be permanent. But our value does not ever change because it is infused by God the Creator, and it is always stable. Where do you want to put your priority? On the price or value of yourself as well as those who live with you? You are capable of making a difference, certainly in the life of others as they are in yours! Live today to make a difference in the life of others!



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